Right Choice

Jackson EMC’s Right Choice Program

Atlanta Home Energy Efficiency Inspections By Home Diagnostic Solutions


Right Choice Homes

This ground breaking program brings one of the most effective home energy efficiency initiatives in the nation to the greater Atlanta area. Right Choice homes are inspected and certified by Home Diagnostic Solutions and we put our money where our mouth is with a warranty.  Each passing home receives a 3 year energy usage, and 1 year comfort warranty. It’s a bold move, but then again we believe in the results our Atlanta Energy Consulting service can deliver. Our rate of warranties is currently less than 1 percent. The Right Choice program is owned and developed by Jackson Electric Membership Co-op. For more information on Right Choice homes and program requirements, please visit www.JacksonEMC.com/RightChoice

Within the Right Choice Program we offer Energy Star

certifications (HERS Ratings) for new homes and Home Performance with Energy Star audits for existing homes. For more information on Energy Star, please visit www.EnergyStar.gov

The Process:
• Plan Analysis- The blueprints for the home are sent to HESM&A, for analysis by industry leading engineers.Blower Door
• Walk Through- After the home is roughed in (no mechanicals installed), we meet with the supervisor and contractors on site to discuss particular challenges for each plan.
• Pre-Insulation Inspection- After the ductwork and air sealing is complete but before the insulation is installed, we inspect the home and perform a duct blaster test to evaluate duct tightness.
• Final Inspection- After the home is completed; we perform our final battery of tests which includes eScan airflow analysis, blower door, and insulation inspection.
• Home Certification- If the home passes each inspection, it will receive certification as a Right Choice Home.
• Warranties- Each certified Right Choice Home receives a 1 year comfort warranty and a 3 year energy usage warranty. These warranties begin the day the homeowner moves in.
• Energy Advantage Rate- JacksonEMC grants the lowest residential billing rate to certified Right Choice Homes. The rate is attached to the home and will last for the life of the home.