Light Commercial Energy Audit

Discover How Our Light Commercial Energy Audit Will Help Your Business

The Light Commercial Energy Audit is a thorough evaluation of your business’ performance as it relates to energy efficiency. Our trained and certified energy auditors will assess your building for energy saving opportunities.

How will an energy audit benefit your company?

Most companies can benefit from reduced operating costs. By evaluating your energy usage and comparing it to other businesses of similar size and operations, we can determine if you will benefit from an energy audit.

What to expect after scheduling an energy audit

We start with a preliminary review of energy use by examining your energy usage history. Next, we will conduct a physical assessment of your facility and its operations. After we have collected the necessary data from the building, we will conduct an energy-and-cost analysis. Finally, we will present you with a detailed report that provides enough information to make informed decisions about the next steps to meet your energy savings and financial goals.

 About Home Diagnostic Solutions Inc.

Home Diagnostic Solutions Inc. has conducted thousands of energy audits on all types of homes, buildings, and facilities. HDS has a long history of working with utility companies, contractors, home owners, business owners, and government agencies. HDS will provide your company with a high level of knowledge, experience, and customer service.


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