Solar Site Surveys

Solar Site Surveys In Georgia

Add Solar Energy To Your Energy Efficient Home In Georgia


Solar energy technology is rapidly becoming more effective and more affordable. Often times a home owners’ first question is “Can I sell power back to my electric utility?” While receiving a check in the mail in the place of your usual monthly bill is an exciting idea, this is not the first question you should ask yourself.

The absolute first thing you should consider is the amount of annual irradiance (sun exposure) your proposed panel location will receive. Once we know how viable the potential panel location is, we can provide consulting on choosing the right contractor to incorporate Solar Energy into your Energy Efficient Home.


Solar assisted water heating. Most home owners don’t consider this technology because they think that they will have no hot water when the sun isn’t shining — a HUGE misconception. Solar powered water heating systems are installed in addition to a normal water heater to reduce operating costs during the daytime. With the current tax incentives and utility rebates, now is a great time to invest in solar-thermal. Our estimates project ROI (return on investment) in as little as 3-5 years. Solar energy technology has come a very long way and panels can now harvest solar energy at more extreme angles meaning that sleek flush mounted roof panels are possible.


Sun powered electricity. This is what most home owners think of when they hear the word Solar. Key items to remember about Photo-Voltaics:

  • Excess energy is not stored well giving you a use it or lose it situation.
  • The cost is still high but Federal and State Tax Rebates do apply.
  • Net Metering (selling power back) usually reduces your electric bill, not eliminate it.
  • Very site specific, need to get maximum sun exposure.