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An Energy Auditors Introduction to Infrared Technology is a one day course is designed for energy auditors, home performance professionals, and weatherization professionals who already use thermal imaging or are considering using thermal imaging. The course is designed to teach inspectors and contractors basic understanding of infrared equipment and how to apply it in residential building applications. Ownership of an infrared camera is not required for the class but participants are strongly encouraged to bring their cameras to the class if they own them so they can receive specific training on their camera.

This class is not brand specific and is designed to support all brands of thermal imaging cameras.

Covered Topics

  • Radiation & infrared
  • Emissivity & its effects on infrared
  • Learning to think with infrared
  • Infrared equipment basics
  • Infrared resolution
  • IR equipment specifications and what they mean
  • Difference between heat vs. temperature
  • Thermal capacitance
  • Conduction & Insulation
  • Conduction demonstration
  • Basic thermal insulation inspection
  • Convection basics
  • Convection demonstration
  • Basic air leakage inspection
  • Latent heat & evaporation
  • Moisture signature and evaporation demonstration
  • Moister inspections

Glossary of Terms